Okanagan Business Referral Group

Become a Member

The benefit of being a member of this exclusive group of business people is not limited to having business referred to you. Through our weekly meetings, social events, community involvement and participation in our executive, we develop strong and supportive relationships. When we face challenges in our business and personal lives, we have a large business and personal support network to draw on for support.

Regular meetings

We meet at the West Kelowna Yacht Club Wednesday mornings from 7:00 a.m. sharp until approximately 8:20 a.m.

Regular attendance at our weekly meetings is mandatory. Absence interferes with the important relationship building that is required to establish and maintain business connections. Failure to maintain a minimum attendance of 70%, either in person or through a representative, can result in elimination from the membership.

Our meetings are structured and productive. Alternating weekly between the first half and second half of our membership list, every member is given an opportunity to briefly address the group. Each member also showcases his or her business in an extended presentation to the group every year, resulting in one or two such presentations per meeting. There are times allocated to the passing of referrals, general networking and leadership presentations. 

For more information or to submit a request call ….


Building the level of interpersonal relationships required to promote member (trust and) confidence can be a challenge with an organization as large as ours. Our Social Committee works hard to meet that challenge. We have various social initiatives including a golf tournament, “after hours” events,  our summer BBQ and Christmas party.

We have a well established and effective Charter, and are led by an 8 member Executive. We are a non-profit organization with modest annual fees that fund our web site, our meeting room, miscellaneous expenses, and funding for our Summer and Christmas parties. Unlike other groups, there are no additional expenses to being a member of OBE.

Although many businesses are already represented within the OBE, we are continually seeking those not currently represented. By adding quality members, we help our organization grow stronger and, in return, we help them do the same.